Windows Install


In order to install PLaSK on MS Windows, perform two steps:

  1. Install Anaconda Python Distribution (please use Python 3.8 version and 64-bit installer). While installing, choose installation for ‘All users’ and select ‘Register Anaconda as default Python version of the system’ and ‘Add to Path’ options (see image below). Do not install Anaconda in the folder with any spaces in the name (e.g. C:\Program Files\)! For your convenience we attach the proper Anaconda version. This step needs to be performed only once.

  2. Download and install latest build from This should be done each time the new version is issued (PLaSK graphical launcher will inform you about it automatically).

  3. Go to the license page and download the license file. Then in PLaSK GUI click ‘PLaSK’ button in the top left corner and choose the ‘Install License...’ command. Next select the downloaded plask_license.xml file to install the license.